Since its creation in 1994, from small to large scale projects, the MABROUKA Company climbed its way up the ranks to become a Leader in its field by providing high quality standards plants and services.

Its human competences and its technological resources are developed to serve the production, the propagation and the marketing of olive trees, vitroplants, fruit seedlings and citrus fruits seedlings.

MABROUKA performs and improves its excellence in order to contribute to a better and sustainable agriculture; thanks to the foundation, several years ago, of the first In Vitro highly sophisticated Laboratory on an industrial scale in Tunisia.

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Structure of production

Our nursery and our lumberyard are approved by the Ministry for Agriculture:

  • A High Tech Laboratory In Vitro: 3000 m2
  • Area covered (under greenhouse): 15 hectares
  • Shaded surface: 5 hectares
  • Breeding area: 20 hectaress
  • Lumberyard:10 hectares
  • Planting fruit trees: 150 hectares


Our goal

By its innovative spirit, MABROUKA considers each challenge as an opportunity. The main objective is to provide high quality, certificated, selected seedlings, adapted to the requirements of each area and especially meeting the needs of the farmers, investors, nurseries and distributors.

MABROUKA also ensures by the devotion and the rigor of its commercial team, a technical follow-up close to its customers and an after-sale service ready to react considering the complications met by its customers and partners during the plantation.



The unwavering commitment of MABROUKA to produce the best seedlings on the market encouraged to expand, narrowly through its subsidiary companies in Libya and Algeria, and globally through its several international customers.

They talk about us

5millionsplants per year 
Fruits seedlings
800.000plants per year 
Citrus fruits seedlings
150.000plants per year 
2millionsplants per year